Algifol: Organisch schützendes Blattspray für Pflanzen

Algifol is concentrated from brown algae, which are harvested in the ocean according to our instructions and methods, dried and refined through a special process, concentrating and making available the wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth regulating plant hormones.

Algifol is a concentrate foliar spray containing essential chelated plant nutrients. Algifol is for: Seed treatment Fruit & Tropical Orchards Vegetable Turf & Golf Cereals

Algifol is not toxic and free of harmful toxic residues. The product is environmental friendly and in accordance with EEC regulation 2092/91 Addenum II Part A of 22.07.91 for organic growing. Algifol is certified by BCS (NEOMED-7795/ 04.03/ 3295-DE).